The Bold Move Tarot Cards

In the age of Tinder, ghosting, and read receipts, find answers to your relation ship troubles with the help of an age-old tradition.

Gain a new perspective and answer questions around your interpersonal relationships with the Bold Move tarot deck. There are 78 unique cards that takes inspiration from the popular Waite deck with some thoughtful deviations and innovations peppered throughout. Play a variety of spreads to discover intricacies of your love life you might have not considered before. The visual style of the cards will be heavy on linework, contrasting colors, and geometry. The cards are meant to present a narrative that you can insert yourself in – making it easier to dive into your own  journey. Some people believe in the magic of the cards and others don’t. Both parties will find the Bold Move helpful in the deep thinking processes we all go through in our quest for love and companionship.