Aaron Mack

Visual + Motion Designer in Seattle, WA
I'm a designer, geographer, and all-around problem solver. I've been to over 30 countries on all 6 continents (I'm coming for you, Antarctica!) and am well-versed in a variety of creative skills. I pride myself on my clean graphics, smooth animations, and delightful personality.
Skills & Competencies
After Effects
Sketch & Figma
Brand Identity & Creation
Marketing Strategy
Ecommerce Sales Management
Project Management
Event Management
PR Strategy

Work Experience

Visual & Motion Designer II @ New Engen
June 2018 - February 2020 • Seattle, WA
• Worked in After Effects, Photoshop and, Illustrator to build high-performing static and motion ads for over 60 clients across many industries.
• Worked with marketers to deliver ads in a timely manner to client preferences for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat.
Global Freelance Visual Designer
July 2017 - Jun 2018 • Remote
I traveled through Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, and Australia and worked with a variety of clients to produce logos, prints, videos, and websites - best time of my life.
Visual Designer & Branding Lead @ BW Health
February 2017 - June 2017 • Atlanta, GA
• Developed and managed product brand and B2C sales strategy
• Designed and implemented a new e-commerce website using HTML/CSS, Shopify, and Webflow
Design & Branding Lead @ ThermalTech
July 2016 - January 2017 • Merida, Mexico
• Managed a B2C sales funnel strategy from customer attraction to fulfillment.
• Built and managed and e-commerce website using Ecwid and Webflow.
• Launched a new line of jackets with a 250% improvement on e-commerce sales over 6 months versus projected sales goals.
Design & Marketing Lead @ AIESEC
July 2014 - June 2016 • New York, NY
• Tasked with developing a technical web strategy for capturing, managing, and converting leads
• Re-branded entire product portfolio, rebuilt online platforms using HTML/CSS, Webflow, Hubspot,and Salesforce
April 2011 - December 2013 • Columbia, MO
• Full-time in the summers and part-time during the academic year.
• Specialized in content production: Audio-visual, print, web, and textile.


Interdisciplinary Studies: Design, Communication, & Geography @ The University of Missouri
Autumn 2010 - Spring 2014 • Columbia, MO

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get into design?
When I was 14 or so, I started playing around with the Adobe Creative Suite on my school computer. I Googled some tutorials on how to Photoshop famous advertisements and retouch photos. Then I got interested in After Effects; I put together introductions for my school news stations to show off my new skills. I eventually taught myself most of the tools and when I got to college had a 2.5-year internship with the Residential Life department where I got to hone my skills further. After college, I was able to use these design skills in my roles at AIESEC and while working at my startups. Now, I'm hoping to pursue design full-time.
What's your favorite country?
It's a hard choice between Australia and Colombia. Colombia has such amazing people and vibrant landscapes. Australia is also other-worldly beautiful but the food there is also pretty great because you've got excellent livestock and AMAZING Asian options. Overall, Australia wins by a hair.
Who's your favorite author?
Chelsea Handler. Have you read her books? Hilarious. In one of her books, she had her friends and family write essays about how she personally tormented them. She's absurd, rich, and living a life that makes very little sense - all of which I aspire to be one day.

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